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Elektrotechnische Fabrik


Founded in 1945 at the present location as a trading company for components of armature wrapping used for electric motor repairs.


New offices were established at the same address in 1955. About the same time, the production of motor terminal boards was begun in the extension hall. Incorporation of tool making and pressing were to follow.


Joined the Technical Union of Producers and Processors of typified moulding compounds in Frankfurt/Main in 1958 (now Federation of Reinforced Plastics AVK).  Since then constant control from the National Material Control Institute (MPA) of the Technical University of Darmstadt.


In 1960 building up facilities including an automatic lathe for production of terminal bolts.


In 1963 the first worldwide permit for production of motor terminal boards protected against explosion and firedamp of duroplastic moulding compounds from the National Metrology Institute PTB in Braunschweig and the Mine-Tunnel Test Stretch BVS in Dortmund.


The beginning of slip-ring element and brush holder production in 1965 and the subsequent repair and production of special slip-ring elements according to drawings completed the program of delivery.


In 1970 move into a new factory building. In 1990 rental of a workshop in  Wiesenstraße in Sulzbach / Ts. and shifting of the automatic lathing. In 2005 rental of the neighboring warehouse to improve logistics.


Since our founding, we have constructed and manufactured 250 types of forming tools. With these we manufacture ca. 40.000 motor terminal boards daily.


Since the beginning of slip-ring element production, we have used more than 700 different elements and produce these as well from drawings of former, leading slip-ring motor manufacturers.

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