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Order Description Terminal Boards

Order Descriptions:


KB 10Sa = without accessories

KB 10Sb = with nuts and U-discs enclosed (2 per bolt)

KB 10Sbv = with nuts, U-discs and terminal links enclosed (2 per bolt +1 KV per bolt pair)

KB 10Sc = with nuts and U-discs installed (2 per bolt)

KB 10Scv = with nuts, U-discs and teminal links installed (2 per bolt + 1 KV per bolt pair)

KB 744Svm= preassembled with connection disks DIN 46288 and nuts (1 per bolt)


Please specify different bolt lengths.

KB 3Sbv/M6x24


Terminal marking:


Standard terminal marking: DIN EN 60034-8 / April 2008

W2 U2 V2

U1 V1 W1


Different terminal marking:


KB 6SNa/marking D13

2W 2U 2V

1U 1V 1W


KB 6SNa/marking 1-6

1 2 3

4 5 6


Terminal marking USA and Canada NEMA MG1 and "CSA/UL-R"

T1 T2 T3

T4 T5 T6

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