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Slip-ring elements

Most of our listed slip-ring elements are available from stock. Slip-ring elements are used in technical areas in which current is transferred to rotating machine parts.




Ring material CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C (DIN EN 1982) is used (previous category: red bronze Rg 7), which is manufactured as cavity and pore-free centrifugal casting.
Other metal alloys for ring materials, e. g. GBZ 10 will be used as required.


Bronze (CuZn) or Copper (E-Cu) are used.



The insulating is an inorganic moulding compound, special for the different materials of the Slip-ring elements 

Slip-Ring Bushing and Drilling:

Above 100 mm slip-ring diameter a steel bushing is used mostly for stability reasons. With slip-ring elements less than 100 mm outer diameter, the steel bushing slip-ring element will only be produced to keep to technical specifications when requested. The slip-ring element bushing is produced from a steel tube and protected from twisting at the outer diameter. The tolerance of the drill hole is produced according to specification in tolerance ranges H7, H8 or others as required. If the length of the drill hole exceed 2xd, we make a relief groove.

Keyways must be indicated when ordering since these cannot be incorporated into the isolating elements later. Drilling the slip-ring element open with steel bushings is normally only possible within the bushing. Drilling the slip-ring open without a steel bushing can be done with hardened steel drills quality K 10 or diamond drills. In general it's recommendable to specify the final bore hole when ordering. 

General Advice:

We also create slip-ring elements according to your drawings.
In order to conduct current measurement, the sliprings are plated with galvanic hard silver or platinised with silver. The brush with the corresponding high silver content should be chosen.

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