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Terminal Boards

Our motor terminal boards are used in motor and apparatus engeneering They are produced from special moulding compounds and have the quality mark: of the AVK (Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe) and constantly controlled by the  National Material Control-Institut (MPA) in Darmstadt.

The product control of molding material according to 

DIN EN ISO 14526 bis DIN EN ISO 14530 

is presently valid for the types:

31 - 150 - 156 - 157 - 802 - 804




(Example for moulding compound Type 804)



For terminal boards with other dimensions, please enquire. The terminal boards type "Ex" are licensed for firedamp and explosion protected  systems. These are in accordance with EC-Guidelines 94/9/EG for explosion protected systems according to EN 60079-0/2012 and EN 60079-7/2007. Furthermore they are certified for ATEX 100 with EC-Type Approval certificate.  


The following lists show a view of our delivery spectrum. There are more terminal boards in preparation.  

The terminal boards listed can also be produced leaving bolts out, with other bold lengths and other bold markings.

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